Hellooo, Sonoma County!

Eeeek, my first blog post! How fun. Let’s do this.

(Click play if you’d like to tune into my travel playlist while you read!)

Am I right in speculating that most of us have at least one happy place? You know, a place where you can go and exhale the fifty pounds of stress and tiredness you didn’t even realize was sitting on your shoulders? Where you can hit the eject button on life and recharge your battery, even if it’s just for five minutes?

For me, sometimes it’s the Mahon Library in downtown Lubbock. Sometimes it’s the quiet of my car as I drive to my nannying job before the sun has even peeked its head into the sky. And sometimes, on beautiful and rare occasions, it’s Northern California.

I recently took a few days off of work to visit some dear friends who live in the Santa Rosa area, a place I had both the pleasure and honor of being introduced to just over a year ago when I was there for a gospel outreach trip. I might have to do a throwback post for that one. It was incredible on so many levels.


I managed to fit four days worth of stuff into my baby purple carry-on and a tote bag (y’all, this is good for me…I’m not an economical packer like 96% of the time) and THIS BOOK. I cannot. I won’t spoil anything here, but let me just say I was too thankful to be curled up in an armchair with a cat purring on my chest as I was finishing the last couple of chapters. Tears fell. I felt things.


I picked up my obligatory chai. And I couldn’t resist snapping this one. Starbucks’ new cups for spring are too stinkin’ cute.


I got into Santa Rosa’s airport — named after Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, by the way — late Saturday night and was greeted with a big smile and a bigger hug by my hostess. This was my view from her backyard the next day. Sigh.

In a nutshell, I spent three days catching up with old friends and making new ones. I got my bubble tea fix. I walked through a butterfly garden tucked into the back of Sonoma State University…and I walked out sneezing so hard that I legitimately worried a guy that was passing me. Thx, allergies. I let plane rides and ocean breezes carry away some of the dead weight my heart had been carrying around. I came back refreshed.

I like this excerpt from a Thought Catalog article by Alex Brueckner, and I found myself musing over it before and after my trip:

“The best part about airports lies in what they symbolize. Airports are places of bookends: new beginnings and long-awaited endings, arrivals and departures, hellos and goodbyes. We start in one city to end in another hundreds or thousands of miles away. You enter from a desert and exit into a blizzard. In from winter, out into summer. In from familiarity, out into something completely foreign. Or vice versa.

An airport is a place of transit, and not just geographically. I wish there was some sort of time-lapse to show how people change between departures and arrivals. When I arrive back home from being away, I’m never the same person as when I left.”

True dat. I’ll leave you with a few more photos from my little retreat. And my friends, if you’re feeling worn down, I hope you can make it to your own happy place. Wherever that may be.

Until next time! xo

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