I’m gonna try this Five on Friday thing…

…because it is a thing on blogs, yes?


I’ve gotten way into TED talks recently, and one of the first that I watched is this right here:

Brené Brown is just amazing. I’m a huge fan. She’s funny and frank and so real. She lays it DOWN in this video, y’all, and I love that she’s got years of research under her belt to back up her message. Her words resonated deeply with me, and with a lot of others, it seems. The video has 30 million+ views on TED’s website. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that these 20 minutes made me look at my life, my heart, and the hearts of others in a brand new light. PS- I suggest getting cozy with a cup of tea and keeping a pen and paper handy for notes.


Currently reading:

Haven’t laughed this hard in public reading a book since Tina Fey’s Bossypants. It caught my eye at Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago, because how could it not. The spazzy, stuffed raccoon might have turned some people away, but not I. If you’d like some candid, stream of consciousness narratives about living with mental illness and finding the humor in it, and also don’t mind cursing, then go read this!! And then find me so we can discuss + snort laugh about it together.

See also: http://thebloggess.com/ for more of Jenny Lawson.


Currently watching:

Game of Thrones, Season 5.

Trying to wrap up this blog post ASAP so I can continue my binge…


It rained the other day, and I love rain. So here’s a video…of the rain.

(30 seconds later)

Well, this is awkward. I can’t upload videos?! Ugh. Okay, and I don’t have the patience right now to figure out how to do it. See #3. Time to improvise.

Look, a nice rainy-ish image from Pinterest. That will suffice. Next!


My friend Grace made me an adorable mug as a going away present. Too cute not to share 🙂


Signing off now. Dun-dun-duhduhduh-dun-duhduhduh-dun-duhduhduhduhduh! (That was the GoT opening credits, couldn’t you tell?) K, byeee!



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